So you've found me on Postcrossing! If you have drawn my name and are about to send a card, thank you in advance and I look forward to receiving it! I enjoy Postcrossing as an awesome way to learn more about the world and to connect to new people. Feel free to say hi.

about me

Hello, my name is Chris (substate) and I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I joined Postcrossing in April 2016 after being introduced to it by an acquaintance from the Netherlands. For me, it is fantastic to be able to communicate with people all over the world. I

My wife, Nicole, and I live in Phoenix, Arizona, with our son, Jordan, and our three cats. I work in Salesforce administration at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona, where I attended university and earned degrees in Political Science and Journalism/Mass Communication. I am a huge sports fan, especially soccer/football, and I cheer for Borussia Dortmund. I also watch baseball, American football, basketball and ice hockey.

Travel has become a very big part of my life. I'm very interested in learning more about other cultures and meeting people around the world, trying new foods and beers, seeing different sights and hearing different languages than English. So far, I've visited Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Vatican City, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Japan, China, and the Philippines.

A little more about me:

  • My goal is to visit all 50 U.S. states, all seven continents and every country in Europe.
  • I am a native English speaker but I also speak Dutch, and am learning German. I also speak a little French. (If you speak Dutch, German and , please write to me in that language!)
  • I collect football scarves of European clubs.
  • I enjoy reading and learning about history, geography, football/soccer, baseball, urbanism and politics.

My name is Chris and I've been a Postcrossing member since 14 April 2016.

I love direct swaps! You can reach me by email if you are interested.

NederlandsSpreek je Nederlands? Ik spreek Nederlands als tweede taal, maar ik heb veel werk te doen voordat ik de taal vloeiend spreek. Als Nederlands je moedertaal is, schrijf even in deze taal, alsjeblieft. Dank je wel!

DeutschIch lerne Deutsch! Wenn du Deutsch sprichst, bitte schreib mir in dieser Sprache. Vielen Dank!

FrancaisJe parle un peu francais. Si tu parles français, écris en cette belle langue, s'il tu plait. Merci!

I prefer cards without envelopes. I like having the stamps on the cards.

what I like in postcards

I would really appreciate typical tourist postcards that show something from your city, region or country! I'm not really a fan of cards with cartoons, quotes or drawings nor handmade or advertising cards. Both single or multi-view cards are fine, and it's always nice to have the name of the place on the front of the card.

Bern, Schweiz city views
Tour Eiffel landmarks, tourist attractions
Wembley football stadiums
Victoria Falls natural wonders
The Dolomites, Italy mountain ranges
Hofbrauhaus, Munich, Germany breweries, beer halls
Old Square, Prague, Czech Republic public squares
Ephesushistoric ruins
Cologne Cathedral famous houses of worship
Taj Mahal famous places
Great Wall of China UNESCO sites

things to write to me about

Of course, you can write to me on whatever you feel like, but please write something more than just "happy postcrossing"! If you need suggestions, here's some ideas...

  • Travel tips for your city, region, or country. If I was visiting your country, what things should be on my list of things to see? When is the best time to visit? I'm hoping your cards will inspire me to visit your country!
  • Facts about your city, region or country. I'm interested to learn more about the history and the people of the places you live.
  • Colloquial phrases in your native language. I'm interested in sayings that only locals know and use that might be helpful if I ever visit.
  • Things about yourself. What you do for a job, what your hobbies and passions are, where you've traveled, where you want to travel, etc.
  • Description of the card. Tell me about what your postcard shows or why you selected it.

Again, if you speak Dutch, German, or French as your native language, please write in those languages to help me learn!
Dank u wel, Vielen Dank, merci beaucoup!